Background matte painting for Axis Animation / Terry Cruz Promo Trailer for Crackdown 3

worked on this last year for 7 weeks.

More commercials from my art project with Microsoft and Axis Animation for the Xbox game Crackdown 3. Here are two promotional commercials with Terry Crews with my artwork in the background. Which is the cityscape. I worked on this with Axis Animation and the client Microsoft for the game Crackdown 3 for the game trailer at E3 last year . I had alot meetings with them through video conference for 7 weeks. The game is due to come out February 2019.
Commercial #1
Watch "Crackdown 3: Terry Crews Promo Trailer - X018" on YouTube
Commercial #2
Watch "Crackdown 3 - Step Up Your Boom: Suit Up" on YouTube

Here is the trailer

CRACKDOWN 3 Trailer 4K (E3 2017)